Jazz Premiere Series

Experience boundary-breaking compositions created right before your eyes.

Drawing inspiration from American composer and conductor Butch Morris, Riki Gooch presents his new symphony Ngā Tuone.

Using an improvised music concept where conducting signs and gestures symbolise musical notations, the audience will be the first to witness this unique approach.

Incorporating themes of te ao Māori - the interconnectedness of all things living and nonliving, the structure of this symphony focuses on the Māori song form of Mōteatea (chants).

Performing an acoustic set with an 11-piece ensemble, this world premiere is an experience not to be missed.

Jacqui Nyman (Double Bass)
Ruby Mae Solly (Cello/Taonga Pūoro)
Alistair Fraser (Taonga Pūoro)
Erika Grant (Violin / Waterharp)
Bridget Kelly (Saxophones)
Jeff Henderson (Saxophones)
Nell Thomas (Harp/Flute)
Anna Edgington (Voice/Drums)
Cory Champion (Drums/Vibraphone)
David Long (Cello/Swinging Microphones)
Parks (Modular Synth)

Thanks to Creative New Zealand and Todd Corporation for their generous support of the Jazz Premiere Series.

Download the event programme here.

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