The Medium Orchestra are a nine-piece brass heavy ensemble steeped in ideas of pagan ritual and ancient mysticism. Their debut performance Fantasia was commissioned by and performed as part of Wellington's own Lōemis festival in 2022.

Morana’s Corpse is a new show developed by The Medium Orchestra based on the slavic goddess Morana and her ritualised death. Often perceived as a personification of winter, Morana’s symbolic drowning ends this season and returns life. In this interpretation, the Morana’s corpse is used to welcome spring and to affirm the re-awakening of nature.

Featuring Jake Baxendale (saxophone), Michael Costello (trumpet), Gareth Darling-Thompson (trombone), Elizabeth Hocking (saxophone), Dan Yeabsley (reeds/brass), Yunior Maden (percussion), Thomas Friggens (drums), Tyson Smith (guitar) and Dayle Jellyman (keys).

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