The Pyramids Were Built from the Top Down invites all residents of the Orion Spur, the Perseus Arm, and the Sagittarius Arm to Earth. Experience first-hand, first-tentacle, or first-claw our brand-new line of high-class resorts, and an investment opportunity that’s light years ahead of the rest.

This hidden telluric gem is third from the sun and nestled right in the goldilocks zone. However, local on-planet governance has resulted in climate changes that will see the temperature just right for carbon-based lifeforms luxuriating poolside, and secure your investment going forward.

Our down to earth team are committed to your new future, so come down to -41.2905693, 174.7749747 on 10/06/2021 earth time to get started on expanding your galactic portfolio.


J.Y Lee – Saxophones, Flute, Synths
Sean Martin Buss – Horns, Baritone Guitar, Synths
Eamon Edmundson Wells – Bass, Synths, Vocoder
Karen Hu – Drums
Plus special guests


Door (if still available) $20
Presales (online only) $10