The Third Eye

Improvised music in the present exploring a new approach to harmolodic improvisation.

Here there is no supportive trunk that gives rise to leaves and branches. The roots of a tree are foundational, compositional, and they only lead to the tree above. As for grass, who can say where the beginning is? True, grass only grows more grass. It doesn’t sprout candy canes, printers, or clouds of gas from its roots. A limitation perhaps, but true of both plants and music. Grass creatively connects the sun to the nutrients in the soil. Care taken in a particular way will encourage an area to flourish. An improviser providing enough nutritious fertiliser to the compositional soil could encourage a new area to emerge, and with a busy group of gardeners, a lawn begins to grow. Managing this growth can be a challenge. How can so few improvisers monitor and nourish this ever-increasing lawn so that it might become worthy of Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown? The composer-gardener proposes routes for striations in the soil that irrigate specific areas of ground, instigating growth in certain ways. Now! have spent many weeks in dialogue about how the water will run, where it might flow, and where it might create pools.

This lawn created is a joyful place to inhabit and to nourish.


J.Y. Lee (Alto Saxophone)
Steve Cournane (Drums, Percussion)
Crystal Choi (Piano, Wurlitzer)
Callum Passells (Reeds, Synthesisers)
Michael Howell (Guitar)
Eamon Edmundson-Wells (Double bass)


General Admission $20
Student/Unwaged (door sales) $10