Absolutely Mad!

Lurking in a forgotten corner of Left Bank Arcade was a pile rotting garbage, so stinky, so funky, even the godfather of soul himself couldn't bear the smell!

From deep within the pile there appeared, as if from nowhere, a maggot in a micro dinner suit, tiny horn rimmed glassed, and a crazed look in his eye. It gets worse, as clutching a miniature jazz horn was he. Slowly he ascended the decaying peak, and ceremoniously raised the instrument to his vermin lips.

What then did emerge from the bell of this pupal-axe was a foul lick that slowly squirmed and wormed its way into the psyche of the Wellington jazz scene, altering it for evermore...


Aleister J. Campbell (Guitar)
Baron Oscar Lavën (Baritone Sax)
Lauren Armstrong (Vocals)
Thomas Friggens (Drums)


Door sales only.