The Labcoats create state of the art electronic soundscapes using what band member Riki Gooch describes as 'kindergarten tech’.

The Labcoats is the project of Riki Gooch (Eru Dangerspiel, Trinity Roots), Anthony Donaldson (Teeth, Six Volts, Village Idiots), Toby Laing (Fat Freddy’s Drop), David Donaldson (Six Volts, Plan 9), Steve Roche (Six Volts, Plan 9) and David Long (Six Volts, Muttonbirds, Teeth).

Reviewer Nick Bollinger (The Sampler, NZ Listener) said The Labcoat’s Acid and Alkaline is a ‘weird indefinable gem’ with ‘lovely Ellingtonian melodies woven through martian soundscapes’. Wire Magazine said ‘Nothing like the Labcoats has emerged elsewhere… Like Sun Ra’s take on Disney, this is serious fun.’ Featuring one of the oddest array of instruments - theremin, electric banjo, percussion, bass banjo, wild life samples, synthesizer, harmonium, trumpets & live sampling which recycles the bands’ music, The Labcoats sound defies comparison.


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Early Bird $15
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