Robert Henderson hosts the late night session

Every night of the Wellington Jazz Festival from 11pm you will find Hashigo Zake transformed to transport you. The house band will kick things off and as the main programming comes to a close each night around the city, “the hang” is on. As you imbibe, horn players start appearing - the session commences - you may be mistaken for thinking you’re in an underground New York jazz club.

Join your host Robert Henderson and his handpicked house band as they stretch out and explore tunes with the many heavy hitting cats that may pop in to call a tune.



Hashigo Zake

Since 2009 we've been doing what we think is important for a bar, even if that means defying conventions.

That starts with selecting a diverse range of beer styles for our taps while keeping big, corporate brewers out. As a result we've been named the best bar in Wellington by the Society of Beer Advocates and the best bar in New Zealand by multiple times.

We put our atmospheric underground location to good use and host superb music and comedy in our lounge. Hashigo Zake takes the provision of fine beer to new levels.