“Pass me a hose clamp! Either we seal this up right now, or we’re going to have to reroute the airstream!”

High PSI improvisation and energetic motion comes into contact with the past and causes a transfer of air pressure that mixes with the eddies of the present. An archive is being used, one created during a week of production and digitisation, and now networks of tubes interact with networks of neurons at a familiar node in Newtown.

“Look! See? We don’t need to worry. The head in the clouds has been uploaded, and the trumpets are sounding!”

Featuring Isaac Smith (Bass), Sean Martin-Buss (Drums), Eamon Edmundson-Wells (Samples), Gerard Crewdson (Brass) and Simon O’Rorke (Virtual Instruments).


General Admission (door sales) Door $20
General Admission Standard $15
Online and door sales


Moon is the home of jazz in Newtown