Come on down to the Thistle to kick off the Jazz Fest, grab a glass of wine, some delicious kai and feel the groove!

With repertoire including many of the Rags, Rambles, Shuffles, Drags and Blues that our great grandparents would have shimmied to in the juke joints, speakeasies, woolsheds and memorial halls of 1920s New Zealand, The Dancing & Drinking Society are New Zealand’s premier exponent of authentic 1920s dance jazz. Although this combo has a mere four members, it has the impact of a full syncopating orchestra, with multiple instruments being played simultaneously by multiple band members.

Featuring Blair ‘Sweet-Lips’ Latham (clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone), Mat ‘Mon Colonel’ Enright (trumpet, resonator guitar, vocals), Adrian ‘AJ’ Jensen (gypsy guitar, bass drum) and Daniel ‘Pappy’ Yeabsley (tuba, hi-hat).