Rogue & Vagabond


Embark on a sonic adventure with the mesmerizing synergy of D MUSS & JLAW.

Melding the raucous creativity of pianist James Illingworth, the boundless beats of Darren Mathiassen and the earth-shaking bass of Johnny Lawrence, these three are a dangerous fusion of energy and genre-bending wizardry. Blending jazz, hip hop and R&B amongst a whirlwind of improv and creativity, this trio promises an exhilarating auditory journey that will ignite your senses and sweep you away into a realm of musical wickedness.

Their performance will also feature special guest artists who will add their own unique flavours to the mix, resulting in a celebration of the rich musical tapestry and foundation that is Wellington music.

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General Admission (door sales) $15.00
Presales (online only) $10.00