We see the influence of jazz dotted and splashed in so many musical places and spaces. It weaves through our rhythms, adding bursts of colour and flavour to our chords, and guides numerous melodic decisions. But maybe you wouldn’t say that song was “jazz”, even if some of the rules and ideas have applied. We will take you on a journey, filled to the brim with pieces that have your fingers snapping and toes tapping. And while you do, maybe there’ll be a few… that colour outside the lines of jazz*.

The quintet features top musicians: Josh Jones (bass), Maurice Phillips (drums), Andrea Robinson (piano, vocals & arranger), Aslan Rowlands (guitar & vocals) and Hannah Goodin (vocals)

*No jazz standards were harmed in this message; there will in-fact be jazz played at this gig.


Koha at the door - $30 reccommended
Reservation required through the venue website