Auckland’s jazz scene has witnessed a wild and wonderful revival of late, but one band in particular has been leading the cosmic charge, The Circling Sun.

The Circling Sun is an ever-mutating collective of Tāmakai Makaurau’s absolute finest, including Julien Dyne, JY Lee, Guy Harrison, Cam Allen, Matt Hunter, and more. Known for their world class, psychedelic and intense, good times live sets, the team have been working away in secret to boil down their essence onto one stonking LP. Spirits is a contemplative masterclass in spiritual space jazz, inspired by the likes of Sun Ra, Pharoah Sanders and Alice Coltrane, all while delving headfirst into the future of music itself.

Witness the band in all their glory for one spectacular and very special show at the Wellington Jazz Festival 2023.

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General Admission - Seated Standard $49.00
General Admission - Standing Standard $39.00