St Peter's Series

Memorable, rhythmic and propulsive - witness the sensory overload of protest through music.

What is a protest movement but voices united in powerful song?

Drawing from his experiences marching, horn in hand, in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, composer and saxophonist Callum Passells presents a new multi-part suite exploring the protest chant as a musical motif.

Using his ability to make “the outlying and complex accessible” with music that “makes us think, (…) makes us laugh, but never at the expense of enjoyment" (jazzlocal32.com), Passells explores the improvised, collective and rhythmic aspects of protest chants. This innovative new work will delve into how communities improvise, learn and adapt rhythmic and melodic material within a protest setting.

Comprising three rhythmic trios of saxophone, double bass and drums working in tandem, LCR (Left Centre Right) will capture the righteous energy and sonic outpouring of a march. The three trios will weave between a mighty unified sound and recreations of the dissonance of chants splintering off and spilling out from each other.

Responding to the movement and the moment around us, this is a world premiere that needs to be heard.

Download the free programme for this event here.

He aha hoki te porotēhi ki te kore he tira waiata?

I roto I ana wheako porotēhi me ngā iwi mangumangu me te kaupapa o ‘Black Lives Matter’ kua toko ake I a Callum Passells te whakaaro kia waihanga waiata e mau ana i te iere o ngā waiata porotēhi. He ringa rehe whakatangi pūtohe te tangata nei, ā, e aro ana a ia ki te ruku ki tā te tangata waihanga I te wairua o ngā waiata I roto I te horopaki o te porotēhi, ka tīkina atu ērā waiata, ērā pao, me ērā tangi, ka huri hei waiata whakahihiko I te hinengaro, whakakatakata I te tangata, otirā hei wai whakangahau I te iwi.

Nō reira haere mai kia rongo ai koe ki ngā mātanga nei, ki a Callum Passelles rātou ko LCR.


St. Peter's on Willis

Approx duration: 1 hr