Wellingtons own Bazurka troupe of wild misfits are set to release their debut single, ‘Stari Grad’. This comes in anticipation of their forthcoming debut album ‘Novi Grad All Stars’.

The wildly talented Bazurka are here to take you on a sonic saudade experience like no other. Since 2016 the Wellington based troupe have enthralled audiences across Aotearoa with feelings of passionate longing, sadness, and at the same time an undefined laughter from the same source. Promising a night full of nostalgic harmony and intoxicating rhythms, Bazurka delivers a rejuvenating show which translates brilliantly from turntable to stage!

Bazurka 'Stari Grad' Single Release Show


Eclectic spot offering modern New Zealand food, spirits and live music amid midcentury furniture and electronics. All Wellington Jazz Festival shows at Meow will start at the advertised time.