Wellington Mingus Ensemble Takes the Cross

Wellington Mingus Ensemble Takes the Cross

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The 16-piece returns to the Cross, and this time, it's personal!

Showcasing the music of prolific jazz composer Charles Mingus, the Wellington Mingus Ensemble includes some of New Zealand's finest jazz performers collaborating together to create an expansive sound rich in texture and high in energy.

Arranged by a variety of prominent New York jazz musicians for a 16-piece big band, their repertoire is expressive, energetic and dramatic. Featuring a heavy smang of trumpet solos, delicious beers and infinite vibe, prepare to have every ounce of your soul pulled apart and stitched back together like a patchwork quilt.

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  • Dates:
    Saturday 9 June - 10:30pm
  • Price:


  • Venue:
    Southern Cross Garden Bar Restaurant
  • Additional Information:

    Age Restriction: 18+

    Wheelchair access, standing only

  • Free Jazz at Large