The Vocal Wing presents: Ruth Armishaw

The Vocal Wing presents: Ruth Armishaw

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A veritable jazz gelateria of delicious vocal flavours

Vocalist Ruth Armishaw’s rich, versatile voice is the perfect dessert for your dinner experience. With quirk and charm, Ruth shares her strong grasp of the vocal jazz repertoire, scatting like Ella while effortlessly multi-tasking on the piano. The seamless dialogue between the voice and the piano takes flight, often to harmonic and rhythmic places even she doesn’t expect.

A chameleon of the Wellington music scene, vocalist Ruth Armishaw can be heard in many arenas, but she always returns home to the colours of jazz.

As well as performing solo gigs, Ruth works with a trio or quartet, the NZ Opera chorus, Alda Rezende’s Samba Society, Inspirare Vocal Ensemble and Soprani Classical Crossover Duo. She also teaches vocal arts in schools and academies including Rata Studios School of Music and Musical Stars, sharing her vast experience with the next generation.

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