The Five O’Clock Shadows

The Five O’Clock Shadows

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A fun-filled night of love, laughter and great music

Phil Costello & the Five O'Clock Shadows return to the scene, providing a fun-filled night of love, laughter and great music. The band plays the greatest hits from the past 50 years, all with a jazz flavour and a two-piece horn section keeping it real.

The song list is the result of years of trial and error and the Shadows only play the winners, including hits from Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones, Johnny Cash and more. Even Fatboy Slim (“Praise You”) and The Violent Femmes (“Blister in the Sun) get the treatment. Songs include,New York, New York”, “King of the Road”, “Ring of Fire”, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, “Son of a Preacher Man and a whole bunch more.

Featuring none other than long-time Wellington stalwart Greg Crayford on drums.

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