Slightly Imperfect presents ...

Slightly Imperfect presents ...

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The surreal, strange and wonderful songs of Scottish poet and songwriter Ivor Cutler

Slightly Imperfect introduces you to the beautiful, surreal, absurd and wonderful world of Scottish poet and songwriter Ivor Cutler.

Ivor Cutler was an odd and colourful character. A Scottish poet, songwriter and humorist who was born in Glasgow in 1923, he was a dedicated member of the Noise Abatement Society. He would request the audience to clap at half the normal volume at his performances, and he also forbade his audience to whistle in appreciation at his work.

Ivor Cutler was the bus driver on The Beatles Magical Mystery tour, but he preferred to bike around London where he communicated by sticking up labels printed with Cutlerisms including "Never knowingly understood" and "To remove this label take it off” and of course “Slightly Imperfect”, the name taken by the band for this concert of Cutler’s works.

Slightly Imperfect features Jenny Ward (voice), Greg Malcolm (guitar), John Bell (vibes) and Chris O'Connor (drums).

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  • Dates:
    Saturday 9 June - 5pm
  • Price:

    $10 Early Bird / $15 Online

  • Venue:
  • Additional Information:

    Age Restriction: All ages except the bar before 6.30pm

    Booking fees might apply

    Wheelchair access

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