Peter Koopman Trio

Peter Koopman Trio

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WJC presents a musical reunion to remember

Share the buzz of this musical reunion between jazz guitarist Peter Koopman and his long-time collaborator bassist Thomas Botting.

Since leaving behind the lush countryside of Drury, north of the mighty Waikato, for the hot, suburban sprawl of Sydney in 2011, guitarist Peter Koopman has become a regular fixture on Australia’s music scene. This jaunt to New Zealand will see him reunited with long-time and long-suffering housemate, bassist Thomas Botting.

Both award-winners at the prestigious National Jazz Awards at the Wangaratta Jazz Festival, Koopman’s recent releases include Honest Oblivion, the second album from jazz pioneers Scoredatura, and the self-titled debut album from Coast.

Featuring Peter Koopman (guitar), Thomas Botting (bass) and Shaun Anderson (drums).