Late Night Jazz

Late Night Jazz

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A tasty treat of a trio

A very tasty show performed by some of this country’s top jazz players. Through the horn and vocals of Geoff Culverwell they bring Miles Davis and Chet Baker to life in two very entertaining sets in this gorgeous venue.

A tribute to the late great masters of jazz, trumpet player and vocalist Geoff Culverwell stays true to the sounds and traditions of these masters with enough artistic license to explore unlimited possibilities.

This concept was originally conceived more than 10 years ago, with two sold-out Christchurch International Jazz Festival concerts. After a lifetime of loving analysis, Geoff has aligned his horn sounds and vocals to make this evening both a familiar return to the Miles and Chet heyday and an adaption of these textures to today’s music.

Featuring: Geoff Culverwell (trumpet/vocals), Nick van Dijk (keys) and Paul Dyne (bass).