Arthur Street Loft Orchestra

Arthur Street Loft Orchestra

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Cinematic themes and reverberant variations for a ten-piece chamber jazz band

Saxophonists and composers Jasmine Lovell-Smith and Jake Baxendale lead a ten-strong chamber jazz ensemble made up of some of Wellington's finest improvisers.

In this special Festival performance, they present new music that ranges from pastoral to blues-tinged, exploring a multi-hued instrumental palette to create exhilarating environments for extended improvisational exploration.

Jasmine Lovell-Smith is once again based in Wellington after seven years living in the USA and Mexico. From 2010-2012 Jasmine lived in New York City, where she released two critically-acclaimed albums with her quintet Towering Poppies, the most recent of which was hailed by NZ Musician magazine as “an intriguing intersection of avant-garde art music and chamber jazz.” Jasmine is currently a Doctoral candidate in composition at the New Zealand School of Music, working with composer John Psathas.

Jake Baxendale is an alto saxophonist and composer based in Wellington, New Zealand. Raised in remote Golden Bay, he demonstrates in his life and music a freedom of expression, a love of nature and a community-orientated mindset that is heavily influenced by this environment. A prolific musician and bandleader, Jake is well known to audiences in Wellington and beyond through his work with The JAC, Trans-Tasman collective Antipodes, Richter City Rebels and John Rae's The Troubles, and has been recognised as a composer with the Creative New Zealand Edwin Carr Scholarship and the commission of a new work for The JAC and Black String (Korea), premiered at the Wellington Jazz Festival and Korea in 2017.