Anita Clark Feat. Black Spider Stomp

Anita Clark Feat. Black Spider Stomp

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Violinist and band blend a hypnotic, bewitching jazz brew

After collaborating in a chance performance at Newtown's Dripping Festival in 2017, Anita will be joined once more by locals Black Spider Stomp for an intoxicating show that is not to be missed.

Anita Clark began playing the violin at the tender age of five years old. Growing up with a father who had played bluegrass guitar since the early ’60s, folk and traditional playing became her foundation, which later developed into an interest in jazz, and improvisational and experimental music.

Along with running jazz/lounge band Devilish Mary and the Holy Rollers for the past 10 years, Anita has released albums with various other bands, worked as a session string player for studio recordings and currently has a solo project under the moniker Motte with delay loop violin and voice in a modern classical/ambient/noise genre.

Black Spider Stomp on Facebook.